Photographic Work Trees



(2014) series of photographs

After World War II, millions of cubic meters of rubble and debris from the ruins of the heavily bombarded city of Berlin were divided over the city’s parks, piled up into hills up to 100 meters high. The enormous stacks of debris where covered up with dirt, grass and trees. The city itself is rather flat; the highest natural slope is only several meters in height. The rubble-hills however are huge, they dominate the cityscape. They look natural at first sight, like they’ve always been there, and millions of people visit the famous parks like Volkspark Friedrichshain, Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg, Volkspark Humboldthain and Teufelsberg at Grunewald every year.

Still, standing on these mountains you are standing on the remains of a city. Everywhere around, you can see nature forcing it’s way out, confined and surrounded by bricks, concrete, and the tar path.